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16. Is XO PUPS a Puppy Mill?

21 Jan, 2022

XO PUPS is NOT a Puppy Mill, nor do we work with puppy mills. XO PUPS is against breeders and pet stores who support them. Learn more about our position on our No Puppy Mill Pledge page.

A puppy mill is a breeder or facility that may overbreed, neglect, or mistreat their animals to sell as many puppies as possible with little to no regard for the health and treatment of their animals. Because puppy mills don’t take the extra time or resources to ensure the health of their animals, they can charge much lower prices than reputable breeders.

Remember, a breeder who cares about the health of a puppy will care about who they go home with. They will NOT sell a puppy to someone without either meeting them first or doing a background check. You should keep this in mind when you consider having a puppy shipped to you.