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When was the last time you were in a strange situation? Did you feel awkward, uncomfortable or shy? Did you look to others for queues on how to behave? Were you scared to be yourself or relax? Most likely, you’ve experienced all of these feelings at one point or another and this is exactly how your new puppy feels soon after you bring them home.

In addition to helping your puppy relax in their new environment, puppy training can help your pup feel secure which will enhance the experience of owning a pet. Puppies personalities are as unique as humans’, which is why we understand the positive impact training can have on your relationship with your new puppy. Learn more about our Chantilly puppy training services.

Expert Puppy Training

Any time an animal enters a new living environment, there is a learning curve to overcome. If your new furry friend could talk, they’d ask things like, “What are the house rules? How should I behave at different times of the day? When is it okay to go outside? How do I tell you what I need?” Often, behavior that new puppy owners think is “bad” is just simply a misunderstanding.

That’s where puppy training can help. We partner with American Kennel Club-certified dog trainers that can help you and your pup work together to communicate efficiently, establish boundaries and forge a strong bond that will last a lifetime.