• Microchip ID

  • Microchip ID

Keeping Your Puppies Safe

Our puppies are given the best nutrition and medical care by our breeders which we continue once they come to XO PUPS so you can be confident your new puppy is ready for a forever home. But if your new pup should ever stray, XO PUPS protects your pup by offering a free lifetime membership account with Petkey.org.

At XO PUPS request, our network of ethical breeders works with their licensed veterinarian to have microchips implanted prior to being adoption-eligible. Our partner, Petkey.org, makes it simple and convenient to keep contact information updated, add microchip IDs for each puppy in the household and view important documents, such as wellness charts, online.

How Microchipping Prevents Homeless Puppies

This simple procedure, similar to a routine vaccination, involves the implantation of a very small device under your puppy’s skin between their shoulder blades. The microchipping process is supervised by a licensed veterinarian and the device itself is not a GPS. It uses radio frequencies to transmit your puppy’s unique number to a scanning device should they be lost. This number is then connected to your contact information to help reunite you with your puppy. That’s why we encourage you to use your Petkey.org account to keep your information up-to-date.

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