• Veterinarian Care

  • Veterinarian Care

Happy Homes Deserve Healthy Puppies

If you think about caring for a pet in the same way you would care for a family member, it’s easy to understand why routine healthcare and preventive medicine is important. Puppies are susceptible to a variety of canine illnesses and can get sick just like humans. We take great measures to ensure all of our puppies are happy and healthy.

We ethically source our puppies from animal husbandry specialists who have proven their commitment to the health and wellbeing of their puppies. Before, during and after our puppies are in our care, we are highly attentive to their medical needs.

Our Certified Veterinary Program Enhances Puppy Health

Under the supervision of a certified veterinarian, each one of our puppies receives several mandatory physical exams, medications and wellness vaccinations. We keep detailed records of all medical services rendered to our puppies that we provide to you with your take home Puppy Package. Puppies are kept in our comfortable kennel with knowledgeable, committed technicians who perform hygiene and grooming tasks as well as ensure puppies receive regular playtime.

Complimentary Veterinary Care

Within four business days of taking your puppy home, we offer a complimentary physical exam performed by a certified, experienced veterinarian at Potomac Valley Vet Hospital. During the exam, our veterinarian will review health concerns, if any, with you. They will also provide education about routine veterinary care and vaccination schedules. If you’re looking for a veterinary home, are curious about spay and neuter programs, or are interested in pet insurance, our veterinarian will answer all of your questions.

We Encourage You to Spay and Neuter Your Puppies

Pet homelessness is a tragedy in this country and around the world. We encourage our customers to spay and neuter their puppies to reduce the rate of homeless pets and stray animals in our community. If you need assistance finding an experienced, reputable veterinary provider please let us know.

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