• Warranties & Care

  • Warranties & Care

Unwavering Service and World-Class Warranty

At XO PUPS, we pride ourselves on providing an unwavering customer service experience, and provide a World-Class Warranty with all our pups.

We Start you off on the Right Paw

Nothing should stand in the way of building a happy home for you and your new puppy. At XO PUPS, we’re committed to making the purchase and transition period easy for both you and your new best friend. Our on-site team of trained personnel will assist you every step of the way whether you’re just browsing or are ready to open up your home to a loving furry friend.

How We Care for You

Our goal is to build a relationship with you just as you build one with your new puppy. One way we do that is by innovating the terms of puppy sales so that you feel confident and comfortable when you make your decision. In addition to financing options, we offer pet supplies, and our industry-leading Triple Warranty backed by our partners at Solutions.pet.

Veterinary Follow-Up

We want our puppies to be as healthy and happy when they are with you as they are with us. That’s why we provide a complimentary physical exam through Potomac Valley Vet Hospital at which time you can discuss your puppy’s ongoing nutritional and medical needs. We encourage you to ask about spay and neuter programs to reduce the homeless pet population.

A Warranty You Can Count On

You fell in love the moment you saw your new furry friend. Their tail wagged and your heart melted. You already started thinking of names on the ride home. As the transition from our home to yours begins, your puppy feels the pressure to fit in just as you may be overwhelmed by adding a new member to the family.

We don’t want anything to stand in the way of your new puppy relationship. We know that incorporating a new puppy into your life can be stressful at times and, occasionally, the unforeseen occurs. That’s why we offer an industry-leading Triple Warranty to our customers. Here’s how it works.

  • 3-Day Returns
    Whether you changed your mind or decided your new pup isn’t a good fit for your home, you never have to contemplate the hassle of re-homing or the heartbreak that comes with taking your pup to a shelter. Simply return your new puppy within three days of purchase for an exchange. If you consider adoption in the future, we’re here for you. It’s really that easy when you choose XO PUPS.
  • 3-Week Limited Warranty
    We pride ourselves on sourcing healthy pets from humane, sanitary conditions by fellow animal lovers who specialize in animal husbandry. We’re so certain your pet is in tip-top shape that we offer a 3-week limited warranty on all puppy adoptions provided you participate in our veterinary care program within four (4) business days of purchase.If within 21 days of your original adoption a licensed veterinarian deems your puppy has a bacterial or viral infection, notify solutions.pet within 24 hours of the diagnosis before bringing your puppy to Potomac Valley Vet Hospital, our contracted veterinarian for treatment. All costs associated with the treatment of your puppy’s illness are covered in full by XO PUPS.
  • Lifetime Hereditary and Congenital Warranty
    Even though we partner with only the most reputable animal husbandry specialists, it’s impossible to predict whether your puppy will be diagnosed with a hereditary or congenital disorder down the road. If this unfortunate event should occur, we offer a Lifetime warranty on our puppy adoptions. If your puppy is diagnosed with a congenital or hereditary condition, XO PUPS will provide a store credit up to the full original purchase price that can be used on a future adoption. Our Hereditary and Congenital Warranty excludes Bulldogs. 

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