Just because you live in an apartment or condo doesn’t mean that your love for having big dogs as apartment puppies isn’t an option – on the contrary!


Your choice for apartment puppies doesn’t have to be limited to little pint-sized pups. In this vain, large dog get a bad rap. Many times, large dogs are more laid back and chill than their small or medium size counterparts. Despite their sometimes-intimidating appearances, they are quieter than the little ones. We’re here to make the case for large apartment puppies. Below is a list of 5 popular large dogs that will bode well in an apartment or condo.

Great Dane

The Great Dane was bred to basically to sit next to a king’s throne to look big and intimidating, but they are truly gentle giants and very mellow dogs. They aren’t overly active, so a daily regular walk will suit their needs just fine, making them perfect apartment puppies. You’ll soon learn that Great Danes, though grand in size, are pseudo lap dogs, because that’s where they’ll try to lay their giant heads!

Basset Hound

Basset Hounds are apartment puppies, because they are pretty easy-going. Even though they have short legs, they are considered larger dogs, because they weigh between 50 – 60 pounds. They love a slow paced daily walk, due to their innate love for scents. They’d love to sniff and follow scents, versus romping around and running at a fast pace. They are really social and friendly dogs, too.

Standard Poodle

We’re going to talk specifically about the Standard Poodle, not the miniature or toy, because those are common apartment puppies. The reality is that they are suitable as well. They require 3 good long walks a day and they’ll be satisfied. They aren’t overly excitable, like their smaller counterparts. What they’ll require, more than anything is a good groomer to keep thesepicture-perfectpups looking beautiful and handsome!


Sure, we all know that Greyhounds are fast runners, but that doesn’t mean that they require fast running exercise all day. It also doesn’t mean that they’ll be running all over your space and place. They have been nicknamed the “40 mph couch potato!” These apartment puppies have been likened to being a giant cat! They’re quiet and don’t demand much. They will certainly enjoy a nice long walk or even a jog, but they’re equally satisfied with a few short daily walks or maybe an opportunity to run off leash in a fenced in area.

Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhounds are showstoppers! You won’t be able to go anywhere or do anything without garnering attention. People just can’t help it and we don’t blame them! When it comes to where they reside, believe us when we say that they can live and thrive just well as apartment puppies. They are mild mannered and generally gentle and quiet dogs. They require nice and slow daily walks. Because of their large sizes, running isn’t recommended, nor are homes with lots of stairs or steps.


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