Learning about dogs is really such a fascinating subject and you can be sure there is a whole lot to be learned. Certain dog blogs are dedicated to creating useful content that would provide you with comprehensive information. Here are the best 5 of these blogs: 

The Bark Magazine

The Bark focuses on need-to-know content for dog owners, especially in the area of pet upkeep. You would find real-life dog-friendly stories about various happenings to dogs. They also highlight issues that might affect your pet’s health, both apparent and non-apparent, and discuss treatment options. 


Dogtopia might be known for their dog spa services and others, however, their blog is filled with so much goodness! You would find anything from puppy socialization to ensuring dogs in apartments are happy to getting rid of separation anxiety. These tips come in very useful. 

Whole Dog Journal

Whole Dog Journal provides you with a slew of information from dog care to in-depth reviews on various dog products. They also feature teaching training methods that are positive in nature. The blog always offers something worthwhile to read and the website boasts lots of useful pet care information. 


iHeartdogs.com blog is massive and mainly focuses on four areas; Lifestyle, Behavior, Healthy Pups, and Pup Stories. Each category offers something in the way of excellent information or entertainment. The blog covers the needs of dog owners such as care of dogs with various ailments as well as recommending useful products. 


Pawleaks is great because of just how comprehensive it can be when guiding dog owners through each stage of their dog’s life. They are also heavy on health-related advice, solutions to problems in your dog’s behavior, as well as in-depth puppy training tips. 


These websites provide golden information and you should definitely check them out.

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