It’s time for holiday festivities once again. It’s an exciting time to get together with our families and friends. If your family includes a puppy, make sure they are included in your holiday traditions, from the songs to the holiday meal to pictures and gift-giving. This can be a memorable time for all of your family and furry friends. Here are some tips on how to make sure your puppy and family have a Merry good time they will not soon forget.

1. Gifts your puppy will love 

When you’re hanging up those stocking stuffers, don’t forget to buy a stocking for your puppy. Puppies love gifts too. While everyone is opening up their presents on that beautiful Christmas morning, your puppy will be excited to open his. This is the perfect time to make sure your puppy gets their stocking and any other toys or goodies you may have for them. Don’t worry; there is no need to wrap their toys since your puppy will be ready to enjoy them.

2. A family meal for all. 

The holiday meal can be an exciting and much anticipated time for all, and perhaps everyone has worked hard to put together this special meal. Before everyone takes their place at the table, make sure your puppy has a special spot and meal preparation. Be sure only to include foods that you know your puppy can digest safely. With a special dog-friendly meal, your puppy won’t be susceptible to dangerous bones or foods that may cause illness..

3. Family and Puppy Photos 

When it’s time to take those family photos, tie that big beautiful red bow on your puppy so they can be as festive as everyone else in the picture. Be sure to groom or brush and make them feel comfortable next to the family he loves. These photos will remind you of your cherished holidays with your family and your puppy.

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