Your fluffy BFF loves your undying attention and love, no doubt about that. But once in a while, it would be nice to spoil them with gifts that show appreciation for  their goofiness and support. Honestly, it’s actually a cute moment of bliss to see Lucky get excited over new toys.  

If you need the inspiration to shop for the special pooch in your life, or even to gift a dog-lover, this ultimate guide will assist you to pick the best. 

Here are 7 cool gifts you can give your dog this season… because you’re a cool parent:

  1. Fluffy Blankets

One item we would recommend getting for your fur baby is a fluffy comfy blanket. Every dog likes to curl up in something comfy, so this should be at the top of your list. Make sure you get blankets that are machine washable because…they WILL get dirty. 

  1. Smart Dog Collar

Gifting your dog a smart collar will help you monitor your dog’s activity. Some even come with the feature of allowing you to compare it with the other pets in the neighborhood. You can also track down his location through GPS technology and create geo-fences around specific Keep-Out Zones. Hence, you can get alerted when your pup leaves a ‘safe zone’.

  1. Grooming Shampoo

Who wouldn’t like their fur looking all silky and shiny? We know your pup would. Treat him to a luxury shampoo and conditioner that not only keeps him clean but leaves him smelling like bursts of sunshine.

  1. A Portrait

Wouldn’t it be incredible to buy your pet a pretty nice portrait? You’re probably thinking that your pup doesn’t have an eye for art. However, it doesn’t have to be Rembrandt. There are a number of various options, and a pretty good idea could be a picture of a dog sipping tea or holding a cigar in a tuxedo. A pretty hilarious image, and fitting gift too!

  1. Food Puzzles

Do you want a challenge for your smarty pants pup? Then, a food puzzle is a great gift item for him. Asides from it being fun, it also gives his brain the needed mental stimulation that aids proper behavior. 

The puzzle consists of multiple holding cups that you can place treats into. By nuzzling and pawing at the compartments, your dog can learn how to find and retrieve goodies. Hello, scavenging instincts!

  1. Anxiety-Reducing Toys

Whenever your baby is feeling anxious—because of location changes, you’re going to work or loud noises—it’s only natural that you would want to ease his fear immediately. Several toys can self-warm and they mirror an actual human hug, giving your fur baby a sense of safety or being snuggled.

Another example of an anxiety-reducing material is a lickable mat. The continual process of licking a flavored surface releases hormones in your pup’s brain that cause him to relax. It also keeps their attention focused on the task; invariably reducing their stress level.

  1. Personalized Pet Bowls

Get gorgeous ceramic bowls that can be customized with the name of your fur baby and designed to your taste. 

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