If you and your family are considering adopting a dog or getting a puppy this holiday season, we couldn’t be more excited for you! Dogs are some of the best companions and a testament to how magical unconditional love is.

Even with all the warm fuzzies you get from your pup, the messes and the midnight potty breaks can seem overwhelming at times. Plus, we know your vote probably isn’t the only one that counts if you share a home with other people.

There are lots of preconceived ideas about pet ownership. Whether you grew up with pets or not, you might have opinions and concerns about what it might be like to get a new four-legged family member and you’re not alone!

We’re here to help you figure out what breed is right for you and go over some of the most common reservations so that you can feel confident in your decision.

Keep reading for a list to help back-up your arguments in favor of getting a new fluff-ball of joy.

Let’s Start with the Basics

A simple list of why owning a dog is the best.

  • Companionship and comfort
  • Encourages a daily routine
  • A source of positivity
  • Demands a certain amount of exercise
  • Endless humor (I mean the TikToks with dogs + voiceover get us through the work week – SO CUTE)
  • Easily adaptable, dogs can adjust to moving homes or across states fairly easily
  • Infectious energy
  • Helps to fill out an aspect of life outside of work or family that isn’t easily replicated
  • Long-standing commitment that fosters responsibility
  • Boundless love

What Breed Is Best for You?

It’s imperative that you focus on the dog breed that aligns best with your lifestyle.

There are so many to choose from but it can be difficult to not be swayed by adorable little fuzzy faces, we get it. The daily routine each dog requires is a big part of what you’re signing up for and eventually the cuteness will not outweigh their needs. If you are extremely active, then couch-potato breeds like French Bulldogs are perhaps not the right choice.

Common Concerns

Shedding is a big concern for new potential pet parents. “What will it be like when my house is covered in dog hair?” Depending on the size and breed of dog you choose it could be much less of an issue than you think. Dogs with hair instead of fur only shed a fraction of the amount of their furry cousins. Even for the worst shedders, it goes through seasonal cycles and after a year or so of getting a routine down, you will have it mastered.

Behavior Issues are a potential worry, particularly for anyone who has had a less than friendly encounter with a dog before. Rest assured, there are lots of options for monitoring behavior and aggression in pets is usually easy to recognize and curb. There are options to adopt adult dogs whose temperaments are set and that will minimize any surprises along the way. You can also opt for a puppy of a notoriously friendly breed and take training classes so that you and your dog learn how to interact with other dogs of all backgrounds.

Budget. While you should ideally have a budget in mind for your pet’s initial cost, typical monthly expenses include food, waste bags, and toys, with things like vet bills, grooming, and boarding coming up various times through the year depending on your dog’s breed and the amount that you travel. If you’re concerned with establishing a realistic budget, definitely do your research and keep in mind that the AKC says the cost of dog ownership is roughly $121/month.


Our main suggestion is that any barrier you may think stands between you and your furry friend is more easily dealt with than it might feel with proper research and training.

The only reason to avoid dog ownership is not wanting one! It’s always better to go with your gut and wait until absolutely sure before jumping into this exciting chapter.

We hope that if you’re considering adopting a pet to do your research and feel empowered to. And know that looking up how to be the best pet parent you can be is a great place to start!

Is it a labor of love? Yes, but surely beyond worth it.

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