Having a new puppy is just as great as having a new baby. If you are not able to be with family this Thanksgiving, you’ll want to spend with your furry friend. Here are ideas for making Thanksgiving all about your pup.

Watch the dog show: A great thing to do on Thanksgiving Day is watching the National Dog Show! Cuddle up with your pups and watch all of the beautiful dogs strut their stuff. It’s always fun to daydream about showing dogs and what’s better than cheering on dogs as part of your Thanksgiving festivities?

Go on a walk or hike: This year I have created a Thanksgiving week challenge, which entails taking your dog on a walk every single day of that week. Take a nice morning stroll on Thanksgiving Day or go on one in the evening to walk off all of those delicious calories.

Cuddle by the fireplace: Grab some hot cocoa and a blanket and cuddle up with your pups in front of the fire. How cozy!

Take photos! Your friends and family will double-tap, like and share your selfies with your new puppy.  Dress up with your favorite fall sweater and capture the moment with your best friend. 

Play indoor games: I know many states already have snow. If you are in a place with snow, play some indoor games like ‘hide and seek’ with your dog. You can also teach them some new tricks using Thanksgiving food as positive reinforcement. 

Remember that not all Thanksgiving foods are safe for dogs. It is best to consult with your vet before giving your dog human food, even in small amounts. 

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