Keeping your pet safe shows them just how much you love them. Your best friend trust and depend on you to keep him safe and protected. There are many ways to make sure your pet is safe. Whether on a walk or inside the comforts of their home and yard or just in a safe environment. By using some safety measures to care for your puppy, you both will feel more at ease. Here are a few safety tips you can use to keep your pet safe.

1. Safe Walks 

Not every neighborhood is dog-friendly. Choose the right park or trail or dog park where the environment is not dangerous for your dog. Save the long walks for the bright daylight hours. Pay close attention when you are walking your dog by observing other animals and people in the vicinity. Never walk your dog without a collar and always have an extra leash in case your leash breaks, and don’t forget to clean up after your pet. Having your pet chipped at the local pet store is a good idea in case they are lost or stolen.

2. Keep Your Pet Healthy

 Your puppy depends on you to make sure their shots are up to date. Follow the recommendations of your vet. Feed your puppy the right type of food and amount for their weight. Make sure your pet gets enough water and nutrition, including healthy dog treats from the local pet stores. Pets need proper nourishment, just like their owners.   

3. Pet-Proof Your Home 

Puppies love to explore. Take a close look around your home from a pet’s point of view. Clean up any areas that could be dangerous to your pet. Pesticides and hazardous chemicals should never be kept in the reach of your pet.

Follow these tips to keep your pet safe so you can enjoy years of memories with your furry friend.

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